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Exhort Mail is a weekly devotional. To subscribe to Exhort Mail simply click the tab above. After subscribing you will be notified every time a new edition is added. You can un-subscribe at anytime by clicking HERE. You email address will never be shared.

(11/25/11) Your Problem May Be A Prayer Problem

(11/7/11) If Jesus Came To Your House

(10/19/11) What's More Important Than Jesus?

(10/12/11) This May Be The Last Time)

(10/7/11) Stumbling Block of Stepping Stone?

(10/3/11) More than Meatloaf...

(9/14/11) Don't Bow To Bitterness

(9/5/11) What About Your Faith?

(8/31/11) Under Construction

(8/24/11) We Have Great News

(8/16/11) Getting Started With God

(8/6/11) All For Him

(7/19/11) A Treasure Right In Front Of You

(7/6/11) My Brother's Place

(6/13/11) Willing To Surrender?

(6/01/11) Have You Been Redeemed?

(5/24/11)) The Lost Soul I Love

(5/19/11) When Did The Church Begin?

(5/13/11) Can You Hear Me Now

(5/6/11) Casting Your Care

(5/02/11) Great Faith

(4/29/11) Are You Bankrupt?

(4/28/11) Keep On Fighting

(04/12/11) What Calvin Taught Me About Kindness

(04/08/11) Confession & Proclamation

(03/31/11) Thy Countenance Is Upon Us

(03/29/11) Having A Meeting With God

(03/28/11) Who Is Your MVP?

(03/21/11) Do You Love The Lord?

(03/18/11) 5 Questions The Devil Can't Answer

(03/17/11) God-like Love

(03/16/11) Truly Trusting

(03/15/11) Perception

(03/14/11) The Abundant Life

(03/11/11) A Broken Heart

(03/10/11) An Open Invitation

(03/09/11) Burdon Casting

(03/07/11) Are You A Mint Slice

(03/03/11) Spend Time With God

(03/01/11) Your Dream Home

(2/24/11) Are you alright?"

(2/23/11) The Right Church

(2/22/11) He Died For You

(2/21/11) How Big Was That Fish Again?

(2/18/11) Be Busy Being Something

(2/17/11) What You Really Believe

(02/11/11) Are You Okay?

(02/08/11) When They Ran Their Race

(02/07/11) It Could Have Been Worse

(02/03/11) Victory & Defeat

(02/02/11) Super Sunday

(01/28/11) Only One

(01/27/11) The Bread Of Life

(01/26/11) Be A Encourager

(01/25/11) Tried As Gold

(01/24/11) If We Only Ask

(01/21/11) Through Christ

(01/20/11) When The Dish Is Done

(01/19/11) The Danger Of Drifting

(01/18/11) The Wise Old Owl

(01/14/11) Faithful In Worship

(01/13/11) Be Sure You Have The Goods

(01/12/11) The Word Of God

(01/11/11) Don't Let Your Eyes Adjust To The Dark

(01/10/11) Anticipation & Preparation

(01/06/11) Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It

(01/05/11) Only One

(01/04/11) Up On A Mountain

(01/03/2011) Be A Good Christian

Exhortmail 2011

(9/29/10) Exhort Mail (Christ Has A Job For You)

(9/30/10) Exhort Mail (Million Dollar Mattress)

(10/1/10) You Really Can't Take It With You)

(10/4/10) Exhort Mail (The Face Of Integrity)

(10/5/10) Exhort Mail (He Gave Him No Rest)

(10/6/10) Honesty...The Only Policy)

(10/7/10) The Visitor...By Randy Milam)

(10/8/10) Dressed For Spiritual Success)

(10/11/10) Exhort Mail (Slaying Your Giants)

(10/12/10) Exhort Mail (Conquering Sheep)

(10/13/10) Exhort Mail (Need A Name Change?)

(10/14/10) The Devil's Favorite Two Hours)

(10/15/10) Exhort Mail (Lost Once And For All)

(10/19/10) Exhort Mail (What's It Worth To You?)

(10/20/10) Exhort Mail (Church Hopping)

(10/21/10) Exhort Mail (Gnawed By Worry?)

(10/25/10) Exhort Mail (A Scary Prayer?)

(10/26/10) Exhort Mail (If I Die Before I Wake)

(10/27/10) Exhort Mail (Beware)

(10/28/10) Exhort Mail (If I Were The Devil...)

(10/29/10 Exhort Mail (The Safety Of The Saved)

(11/1/10) Exhort Mail (Someone Killed God?)

(11/2/10) Exhort Mail (Life And Death)

(11/3/10) Exhort Mail (Playing To Your Strength)

(11/5/10) Exhort Mail (Dying Alone)

(11/8/10) Exhort Mail (Compromise)

(11/9/10) Exhort Mail (She Called Him A "Pig")

(11/10/10) Exhort Mail (She Loved The Author)

(11/15/10) The Fellowship Of The Unashamed)

(11/16/10) Exhort Mail (Is Smoking A Sin?)

(11/18/10) Exhort Mail (Separation)

(11/19/10) Exhort Mail (In Everything Give Thanks)

(11/29/10) Exhort Mail ("I Don't Know")

(12/01/10) "That ye all speak the same thing..."

(12/6/10) Exhort Mail ("He Finally Came To Church")

(12/10/10) "The Birth Of Jesus Was As Follows...")

(12/14/10) Exhort Mail (Stop Dating And Commit)

(12/15/10) Exhort Mail (I'd Rather See A Sermon)

(12/16/10) Exhort Mail (It's Moving Day)

(12/27/10) Exhort Mail (Getting Connected)

(12/28/10) Exhort Mail (In Whatsoever State I Am)

(12/29/10) Exhort Mail (It's The Little Things)

(12/30/10) Exhort Mail (An Interesting Question)

Exhortmail 2010 cont.

Exhort Mail 2011-10

Exhortmail 2010

(8/23/10) What Amazes Jesus?

(8/24/10) The Spring of Society

(8/25/10) Is Love The Key To Growth?

(8/26/10) Houston We Have A Problem

(8/27/10) Do I Have To Go To Church?

(8/30/10) Canceling Church

(8/31/10) I Am Thankful Joshua Did Not Say

(9/1/10) Fascinating Fellowship

(9/2/10) Resurrection Quiz

(9/3/10) Serving Others Isn't Always Easy

(9/6/10) Undeserved

(9/7/10) Unquestioned / I Am Sorry

(9/8/10) Joppa / Peace

(9/9/10) Knowing Truth

(9/10/10) The TV In The Corner

(9/13/10) The Day We Fired The Preacher

9/14/10) That Their Be No Divisions

(9/15/10) Roll Away The Stone

(9/16/10) Buried Treasure In Your Back Yard

9/17/10) Exhort Mail (More Than Love)

(9/20/10) Exhort Mail (He Preached Him To Hell)

(9/21/10) Exhort Mail (Glory At The Gates)

(9/22/10) Exhort Mail (Why Do We Look Away)

(9/23/10) Exhort Mail (Don't Be Tied Down By Sin)

(9/24/10) Exhort Mail (He Who Hath Ears)

(9/27/10) Exhort Mail (God's Melting Pot)

(9/28/10) Exhort Mail (Worldly Amusements)

(8/2/14) Exhort Mail (My Favorite Word)